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Crystal Skulls | Byron Bay

Crystal Skulls

Your one-stop-shop in Australia for high-quality hand carved crystal skulls For many people skulls are a symbol of death.  Simultaneously, skulls are a positive physical

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Custom Crystals | Byron Bay

Custom Crystals

Custom crystal skulls Although we sell a wide range of crystal skulls, some people prefer a custom-made skull because they can choose the type of

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Other Crystal Carvings | Byron Bay

Other Crystal Carvings

You’ll find more than crystal skulls at our shop Our collection of crystals and other precious rocks can be turned into many types of creations

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Welcome To Sweetness Skulls & Light

You home online for authentic crystal skulls

Sweetness Skulls and Light are a specialist retail shop located in Byron Bay in northern NSW. If you are shopping for a crystal skull for healing, spiritual connection, and meditation – we offer the best prices, quality, and authenticity. All our crystals are carved by Master carvers from Brazil, who are considered ‘shaman’.

Our website provides a convenient and seamless online shopping experience and we ship both Australia wide and worldwide.

Our Byron Bay NSW shop is open Monday to Sunday between 10:30am and 5:30pm. We have outside hours available by appointment. Your home online for genuine master carved crystal skulls.

Here’s what you should know about our crystal skulls

Crystal skulls combine the natural energy and power imbued within the crystal along with natural human vibrations. The process of carving a new shape out of a crystal changes the original frequency of vibration. A skull shaped crystal ‘humanises’ it and symbolises life and immortality.

  • All our custom carvings are hand crafted by a world respected and genuine Master Carver
  • Each rock has been individually sourced for its natural beauty and quality
  • Get free delivery in Australia on any purchase over $250
  • Shop 24/7/365 online
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