Our crystal skulls are appreciated in Australia and around the globe

Our speciality is crystal carvings, and specifically Crystal Skulls. We sell ready-made crystal skulls and we can even customise a crystal carving for you. Crystal skulls and crystal carvings are unique, their owners (or caretakers) choose their crystal for personal reasons as well as their aesthetics. Got a question you’d like to ask us? Contact Us or visit our FAQ page.

Visit our physical shop in Byron Bay, NSW or shop online 24/7/365. We ship worldwide and offer free shipping anywhere in Australia on purchases over $250.

Testimonials | Meditation Crystals | Sweetness Skulls And Light

I love unicorns and fairies, and I’m very into crystals for their different qualities, so it’s nice to combine the three. However, while it’s easy enough to find real crystal unicorns - rose quartz, obsidian, fluorite etc, I’d never been able to find a crystal fairy. Then a few weeks ago, while looking for something on Google, up popped a photo of a beautiful crystal fairy. I was astounded. This was what I’d been searching for. I couldn’t stop looking at her, and she was definitely calling to me, so I clicked through to the website to see where she was. I’m in the UK, and she was in Australia, thousands of miles away. She wasn’t exactly cheap either, but I knew she was meant for me. So I made the decision to sell some of my crystal dragons so that I could buy her. I sent a message to their Facebook page and the next morning there was a reply waiting for me from a lady called Linda. Because we are on opposite sides of the world, messaging each other was slower than usual because while I’m awake, they are asleep and vice verse, but Linda was extremely helpful, very friendly and kind. This will sound daft, but I could just sense from the way she was that both she and the shop has a wonderful caring energy. The transaction was made - albeit with a few questions from me. I was worried about the crystal travelling so far and possibly arriving damaged, and I had other shipping issues, but Linda kindly reassured me and put my mind at rest. I settled down for a long wait having been told by my post office that it would probably take between 3-5 weeks, so I was astounded when the fairy arrived 8 days later, along with a couple of lovely little extras that Linda included, with a really sweet note. The fairy is truly an amazing piece, I’m so glad I bought her, and I honestly cannot recommend Sweetness, Skulls and Light highly enough. Dealing with Linda wasn’t like dealing with a shop owner, she was so lovely, I feel like I’ve made a friend. And the quality of the crystal items they sell is outstanding. If you haven’t yet visited them, do, you’ll love everything! I’m in the UK, and she was in a shop called Sweetness, Skulls and Light, thousands of miles away in Australia.

Tina B

Sweetness Skulls and Light is my number one go to shop for crystal skulls, and I have purchased many from Sweetness Skulls and Light. Their range is huge, the variety is incredible and they source the best high quality crystal. Katherine and the team are lovely, funny, efficient, and they sure know their crystal stuff!  If you can’t find what you’re looking for talk to one of the team and they’ll do whatever they can to help you out. I also love Katherine’s uniquely beautiful artwork and her amazing use of colour. I have high expectations when shopping at Sweetness Skulls and Light and I have never been disappointed. Thank you Sweetness Skulls and Light.

Natalie and Linda are so welcoming, knowledgeable and humorous! I am very sensitive to different energies as I am an energy worker and channel.  The energy in the store is amazing. It charges me up, that’s for sure! The 4 skulls I have purchased assist me greatly in both my work and everyday life. The skulls I have chosen have a variety of benefits; grounding, amplifying and expanding. Sweetness, Skulls and Light is now my “go to” for purchasing crystals. I highly recommend a visit to this amazing store.

Kerry Brown

Like no other. My first experience when walking into your shop was a mix of emotions. The beauty, the energy, the colours all combine to create a real ‘wow’ moment. In fact I think I said that word over and over as I wandered around. I have never ever seen so many crystals in one place. and you can see these are of the highest quality. Linda in the shop was so knowledgeable about the crystals and I left knowing so much more than when I went in. I have visited your shop many times since and always like to introduce my friends to this incredible wonder in Byron Bay.

Truly Tea

Kate first came into my world after a life altering moment. I was visiting her shop in Byron and made an unexpected connection with one of her crystal skulls. I had never experienced anything like that, in fact I knew very little about crystals at all. Kate’s incredible knowledge and insight into what I was experiencing were like nothing I had encountered before and she helped me understand what was happening with this connection. Without her wisdom I would never have had the opportunity to learn about the healing powers of crystals. Thank you Kate.

Nyoli Sue